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The flexibility and security of our eCommerce Catalog add-on offers user-friendly web tools to sell your products and services to your customers online through your website.  



Features of eCommerce Catalog


The eCommerce Catalog offers the following features to easily configure and manage your website storefront and customer orders:


  • Storefront Management Options - Give you the ability to configure, customize and manage:

    • Merchandise category, subcategory, and item display in detail
    • Cross-sell items per product
    • Search engine optimization at the category and item level
    • Shopping cart display
    • Customer information collection during checkout
    • Taxable or Non-taxable items with state and local tax options
    • Multiple shipping options
    • Quantity discounts for items
    • Minimum order amounts


  • Order Management & Reporting Options - Give you the ability to view and report on:

    • Ordered, abandoned and deleted shopping carts
    • Pending, processed and deleted orders


  • Credit Card Gateway Options - Choose from the following merchant accounts to maximize profits based on sales volume:


    • Authorize.net*
    • PayFuse*
    • PayPal Standard
    • T-SYS*


*This merchant account requires the additional on-going expense of a secure certificate. PayPal processes payments on their server, therefore a secure certificate is not needed when using this merchant option. 



eCommerce Website Examples

Wondering what our eCommerce catalog looks like on a website? Contact us to request examples of our client-controlled storefronts.