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Ask us about any of the following easy-to-edit website plug-ins that would enhance your visitor's experience on your site, or bring added value to your business or organization. 



Bulk Email Manager 


Our bulk email add-on, TouchBase Relationship Manager, allows you to keep in touch with your customers and members. Through your website, you can easily build mailing lists and send bulk emails to your customers or members announcing news, events, product promotions and specials. 





Post upcoming events, reminders, deadlines, and more on our editable Calendar. Visitors can view events one month at a time in a calendar format. 



Custom Data Feeds 


Several of our Page Types allow you to feed the data configured to a specialized area on your website, such as home page or side column. Some example uses of custom data feeds include: 


  • Featured Products & Services
  • Job Openings
  • News & Event Promotion
  • Photo Slide Shows
  • Quick Links



Custom Drop-Down Menus 


While the main navigational menu of WebFrame website is editable, sometimes a specialized menu is also needed to make accessing information easier for your visitors. Create drop-down items and their target web pages or files. 



Custom Online Forms 


While basic contact inquiry forms are already available as a WebFrame Page Type, sometimes additional custom forms are needed to best serve your visitor and business needs. From simple to complex, we can create custom forms to suit your needs. Some examples of custom forms we have created include: 


  • Employment Applications
  • Enrollment Forms
  • Estimate Request Forms
  • Order Forms
  • Product Registration Forms
  • Return Forms
  • Surveys



Editable Text and Image Blocks 


While the main page content area of each WebFrame page is editable using the WebFrame PageTypes available, sometimes additional editable areas within the skin of the website are needed. We can create custom editable block areas for managing specific image insets unique to each page, or text blocks which appear globally throughout all pages of the website. 



Email Accounts 


Each Webframe website package purchased comes with 5 free email accounts. Accounts can be set up as POP3/IMAP mailbox accounts, forwarding-only accounts, or mailbox accounts with up to 2 forwards. Accounts come with webmail access and ability to configure POP3/IMAP email accounts in email client software on desktop, tablet or mobile devices. 



eCommerce Catalog 


The eCommerce Catalog offers user-friendly options configure and manage your website storefront, manage customer orders, and order reporting. Enjoy the flexibility and security of selling your products and services online through your website*. 


* Merchant account required.  



Event Management and Online Registration 


Create multiple events, meetings, or workshops on your website through an easy to use online interface. Visitors to the site can view the event details, and register and pay online* for the event. Registrations and payment status are stored in a database where the website administrator can download them from the website. 


* Merchant account required.  



Secure Login Websites / Intranet Websites 


If you have a need for members, clients or employees to securely access private information on their own non-public website, we can help. Secure login websites utilize all the same features of WebFrame as your public website, but would host pages specifically for you private audience. User IDs and passwords can be easily configured and managed through the administrative features of WebFrame. Within the secure login website, you also have the ability to assign pages specific to groups, then choose the group(s) each user can access. This allows you to set up content by company departments, or by individual clients, if desired. 



Google Maps 


With the use of Google Maps API you can create and manage pin points on a map to convey information in conjunction with specific pin points on a map using latitude and longitude. Sorting and filtering options to narrow search results is also available to better assist your visitors. 



Secure Certificates (SSL) 


SSL Certificates are required on a website anytime you collect sensitive data from your visitors, or take payment online. Additionally, there are some instances where a secure email certificate (S/MIME) is required to encrypt the receipt of sensitive emails, such as credit card information from orders or employment applications. Some of our products which may require a SSL include: eCommerce Catalog, Event Management and Online Registration, or any custom coded forms meeting the above criteria. 



Visitor Polls and Quizzes 


Create polls or quizzes for your visitors to engage with your business, organization, or other visitors on your website. Participants see instant results of their completed poll or quiz, as well as comparison results of others who have taken the poll or quiz. Results can be stored in a database for easy reporting and comparisons. 


Voting Ballot 


Utilize the convenience of hosting online elections for your organization. Ballots can be configured with ballot instructions, voting deadline, and multiple choice voter selection options - with the added ability to set restrictions to the number of voter selections, and allow only one ballot per valid user login. Tallies of voting results have the option to be displayed publically to voters or by administrators only.