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Web analytics software collects and reports data about the visitors and their behavior on your website. This gives you valuable insight to determine whether or not your website's performance is serving your visitors needs and accomplishing your conversion goals. If you use paid advertising, you can also use web analytics to track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.


Web analytics can provide an abundance of information including: 


  • Page and Resource Popularity - most popular pages visited, files downloaded, resources accessed.


  • Visitor Demographics & Behavior - search phrases they're using to find your site; geographical data; traffic trends including most popular days/times they visit, what sequence they visit pages on your site, and how long they stay on your site.


  • Search Engines and Referrals - which search engines most frequently spider your website, which external websites visitors are on before they come to your site.


  • Technical Data - what devices, browsers and operating systems visitors are using to access to your site; broken link identification; bandwidth used.



Web Analytics Software Options 


Web Solutions Omaha offers our clients a server-based log analysis software service, SmarterStats. Alternatively or in conjunction through your WebFrame website, we can tie in your existing Google Analytics account, which uses tracking pixels and script-based analysis. Each option has benefits and draw backs that our web team would be happy to discuss with you further in order to help determine which option is right for your business or organization.

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