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Every website owner wants to come up in the #1 spot of search engines for their industry. However many website owners may be misinformed, or uninformed about what it takes to compete on the World Wide Web. Search engines continually undergo change to better serve internet users and evolve to create the best online experience possible. This creates an ongoing need for website owners to invest resources to conform their sites to meet best practice standards set by search engines, as well as staying a step ahead of their competition. 



WebFrame Optimization Tools  


The WebFrame, content management system is equipped with the tools to allow you to optimize each page on your website to create these two components of "meta data": 


         Meta Title 

         Meta Description 



The Importance of Optimizing Your Site 


The meta title and description play very important roles with your website's search engine rank, and convey who you are and what you do in abbreviated form. The meta title is used to create the "title" of your web page in the browser's tab name for your web page. The meta title and meta description are used in the summary display of your web page when it comes up in a search result in the search engines. The quality of keywords and phrases used in the meta data, along with integrating them into the content on your website, plays a significant role as well. 


Search engines use meta data and integrated keyword, along with several other factors, to understand what your web page is about to help determine if your web page is a good match for the search phrase a person is using. There are numerous other external factors search engines use to rank your site in searches, some of which include: 


  • Backlinks
  • Directory Listings
  • Map Listings
  • Social Media Involvement
  • News and Press Coverage
  • Reviews and Testimonials


As you can see, optimizing your website is just one component, but a necessary and foundational first step. The task can be daunting. Web Solutions Omaha is pleased to provide you these website optimization tools and an online search engine optimization guide to assist you in getting started.