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Web Solutions is pleased to offer Responsive Web Design (RWD) as the standard format that we use to create all our new client websites. Integrated into WebFrame Plus, our newest content management system, RWD allows you the ability to edit one website that provides an optimal experience for all devices used to access your website.



What is a "Responsive" Website?


A RWD site is one website, comprised of five (or more) different fluid width layouts, which automatically display depending on the type of device being used to view the site - desktop, laptop, tablet or Smartphone. When a device with a smaller screen (such as a mobile phone) accesses the website, images are minimized, navigation is collapsed, and blocks of text realign themselves to fit the screen size and orientation of device.




Why Should You Use a Responsive Layout?


Having a traditional desktop-only website has become a disservice to your visitors and a detriment to your site's rank in search results. Fewer people use desktop computers to browse the internet.




For your visitors, RWD websites make web page content easier to read and interact with by minimizing the need to pinch or zoom their screens to view the website's content.


Having a responsive, mobile-friendly website opens up more avenues to make access to your company's products and services more convenient and attractive to your visitors. Utilizing mobile features such as:


  • Collapsible Navigation - maximizes the limited space on smaller screens to allow more of your web page content to be prominently displayed by condensing the website's navigation into a window-shade-style Menu bar,


  • Click-to-Call - makes it easier for visitors to auto-dial your phone number on their Smartphone to contact you. This feature works similarly to how the familiar click-to-email function behaves when it opens a window to compose a new email message, automatically being addressed to the recipient.


  • Automatic App Activation - allows visitors to send website commands to apps installed on your mobile device. For example, visitors can view your location or get directions through their map app, watch videos through their video app, or view documents or presentations through their document apps.


  • Social Media Integration - encourages visitors to spend time interacting with and sharing your brand with others. As you engage your audience through social media, you are building relationships with current and prospective customers, as well as growing your brand awareness to a broader audience.



Examples of RWD Websites


In order to get a feel for how a RWD website looks and functions, we encourage you to view our website portfolio. Browse these sites on a variety of devices from desktop computer, phone or any mobile device. Alternatively, you can resize your desktop's browser window to see the different fluid layout take shape as your screen narrows.