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Step 1: Website Design Consultation


Please consider the topics below, so you will be prepared to discuss them with our interactive media designer during the initial website design consultation.


  • Example Websites - Provide examples of other websites or web templates you like. This will give us an idea of the look and feel you'd like for your site. Some sources for inspiration could include searching regionally and/or nationally for others in your industry, or browsing through online website template providers. See Website Template Ideas


  • Brand and Graphic Design Requirements - Provide logo, color pallet, images, graphics, brand guidelines, etc. that you want included in the layout's design. If you don't have high quality images to use on your website, we can provide you with this Stock Photo Search resource.


  • Demographics - Define your target audience and the experience you want to offer to your visitors.


  • Goals and Conversions - Define the purpose of your website and visitor conversion goals.


  • Competitors - Identify your top competitors, and your business or organization's strengths in comparison.






Step 2: Website Layout and Graphic Design


After the initial design consultation, we will create a custom template design for your website, tailored to the specifications discussed and artwork provided. Our web designer will present you with a storyboard - a screen shot of the home page and an example internal web page - for your review, then will work with you to make changes.


Once the template design is approved, we will create a development website. Using the approved storyboard design, we will set up the skin along with WebFrame, our content management system, so that the development site is ready for page content.


As soon as you have had the initial design consultation meeting, you can begin writing page content, gathering images, support documents and files, and anything else you plan to include on your website for Step 3 of this process.



Step 3: Page Content & Email Accounts


We will use the page content and supporting documents you provide us to set up the web pages on your development website. With your direction, we can reuse content from your existing website and/or uses new content, images, and file you provide us.


We have provided some tips for writing good web page content in our Website Planning Guide.


If you would like to take advantage of using the 5 free email accounts included with your Webframe website package, please let us know the names you'd like to use for the accounts, along with the type of account you would like: mailbox accounts, forwarding-only accounts, or mailbox accounts with up to 2 forwards.



Step 4: Going Live with Your New Website


If you own your own domain name, in these early stages of planning you'll want to make sure you know who manages the DNS for the domain you plan to use for your new website, and make sure you have the login information for that account. Alternatively, Web Solutions Omaha can purchase a new domain and manage your domain and DNS for you.


Once you have approved the development website in its entirety, we will move the website to our production server. After necessary changes are made to the DNS in your domain account, then your new website will be visible on the World Wide Web!



Step 5: Training Session and Help Site


A training session will follow, teaching you and your staff how to use the WebFrame, content management system (plus any other products you have purchased), so you are prepared to use the web tools going forward. Our clients can contact us for assistance during the life of their website, and make use of the how-to resources provided our online client help site.


If updating your own website is something you do not want to do, we would be happy to make changes to your website for you. You can expect attentive customer service and the work to be completed in a timely manner if you utilize this option.



Ready to Get Started?


Contact us to visit with a Web Solutions Omaha representative, or schedule an appointment with a web designer.