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2) Planning Your Website's Home Page 

Showcasing an overview of your products and services, featuring priority information, and orienting visitors to your website 





Introducing Yourself and Engaging Your Visitors


The average visitor spends 3 seconds on your home page after which they conclude if they would like to further explore your site, or move on to other options. Use this limited time and your home page to engage your target audience by doing the following:


  • Clearly articulate who you are, highlighting your strengths.

  • Showcase your products, services, and website features.

  • Offer visitors a great value proposition.

  • Regularly offer something new (information, product, service, promotion, opportunity etc.).

  • Present multiple calls-to-action (get information, buy, contact, sign up, etc.).

  • Make it easy to contact you and/or find your business' location.



Visual Presentation of Your Material


The topics and themes on your home page should be presented in a way that makes it easy to quickly scan the whole page. Topics should be introduced in summary format with a link to explore the topic in more detail. Our Web Solutions Omaha web designers can support your content with the use of graphic design elements such as photos, buttons, and graphics to compartmentalize these topics and features making it easier for a visitor to quickly and easily find what they're interested in and explore your site further.