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5) Planning Your Website's Footer 

Determining what elements should go in the footer of your website 





Creating a Lasting Impression


Your website's footer is valuable, as it often serves as the "last call" to keep visitors on your website. Prioritize and organize your footer elements focusing on one or more call-to-action items, and create a great last impression. In order to not overwhelm your visitor, use items sparingly and for a specific purpose. If many items are deemed necessary, consider a sub-footer (a primary footer, with secondary footer below, grouping like topics together).


Below are some commonly used items you could consider including in the footer of your website:


  • Contact Information
  • Quick Contact Form
  • Social Media Profile Icons
  • Location, Map, and/or Directions
  • Hours of Operation
  • Quick Links (internal or external)
  • Email Sign Up
  • Site Search
  • Company/Organization Mission Statement
  • Products and Services Summary
  • Organization Associations and/or Trade Certifications