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Web Solutions Omaha is pleased to offer the following Website Planning Guide to assist you as you work through the details for your new website. It is our desire to work with you and your team to provide guidance from our staff's extensive industry experience in order to help your website be successful and meet your goals.


Please give consideration to the following areas listed below and discuss them with our interactive media designer during the initial website design consultation.


Website Planning Guide


1) Planning Your Website’s Site Map
Creating the basic structure, names, and organization of the pages of your website
2) Planning Your Website’s Home Page
Showcasing an overview of your products and services, featuring priority information, and orienting visitors to your website
3) Planning Your Website’s Header
Determining what elements should go in the header of your website
4) Planning Your Website’s Page Content
Writing web copy and creating content suited to your target audience with motivating call-to-action options
5) Planning Your Website’s Footer
Determining what elements should go in the footer of your website